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B2BOptic Web service

There is no need do define own proprietary Web Services do exchange data, which have to be implemented and tested by every software manufacturer. The B2BOptic Web Services are standardized Web services which reflect the standard workflow of the order process.

b2bOptic Web Service - WSDL and testing

To handle standard B2BOptic lens orders you can use B2BOptic Web service WSDL.

Feel free to use the service for testing. For request and response data the Web service use strictly the b2b schemas LENSORDER, LENSINFO and LENDREQUEST of this wiki. For details take a look at the examples and at the documentation.

The request and response data are expected to be transported within a CDATA section as demonstrated in the examples.

The test B2BOptic Web service demonstrates a minimal workflow between the client and the server of a virtual manufacturer. The data of the order itself will not be checked if it is well formed or not confirming to the Lens order schema.

You can use the test Web service in the following matter:

* Send an order using the method SendB2BOrderRequest

* You will receive an answer SendB2BOrderResponse from the Web service. The response contains for each sent order a confirmedOrderId, which is necessary to identify further requests.

* Internally the status is stored as OPEN which means “Order has been received by server, but yet not validated, if it can be produced or not”.

* Now you can request the status of orders by sending a GetB2BOrderStatusRequest using the confirmedOrderID.

* You will always get the status PRODUCTION which indicates the order is OK.

lens suppliers

supplier country version SendB2BOrder GetB2BOrderStatus UploadOrderToPlatform DownloadOrderFromPlatform
DeCenynck Belgium 1.0.0 yes yes no no
EMO Hungary 1.0.0 yes no no no
Mega Optic France 0.9.0 yes no no no
Novacel France, Germany, Switzerland 0.9.0 yes no no no
Omega Optix Germany 1.0.0 yes yes no no
OptiSwiss Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland 1.0.0 no yes yes yes
Optik Glas Augsburg Germany 1.0.0 yes yes no no
Optix Direct Germany 1.0.0 yes yes no no
Pachleitner Group (Austrian Optic Technologies, Schulz) Austria, Germany 1.0.0 yes yes yes yes
Reize Switzerland 1.0.0 yes yes no no
Rodenstock Europe and other 0.9.0 yes yes no no
Rupp + Hubrach Germany 1.0.0 yes yes yes yes
Wetzlich Germany 1.0.0 yes no no no

software companies

company version
AMPAREX GmbH 1.0.0
Comcept GmbH 1.0.0
Eye-Office 1.0.0
IPRO GmbH 1.0.0
Lensware International GmbH 1.0.0
Prisma GmbH 0.9.0
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