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Smileys / NEW-Tag

To find new part quicker, tags can be used. These tags are replaced on the wiki-page with an icon.

These tags are defined:

Tag Icon Description
ISNEWSF061002 ISNEWSF061002new in LensCatalog 6.10.2
ISNEWSF061003 ISNEWSF061003new in LensCatalog 6.10.3
ISNEWSF061004 ISNEWSF061004new in LensCatalog 6.10.4
ISNEWSF061005 ISNEWSF061005new in LensCatalog 6.10.5
ISNEWLC070200 ISNEWLC070200new in LensCatalog 7.2.0
ISNEWLC070201 ISNEWLC070201new in LensCatalog 7.2.1
ISNEWLC070202 ISNEWLC070202new in LensCatalog 7.2.2
ISNEWLC070203 ISNEWLC070203new in LensCatalog 7.2.3
ISNEWLO010601 ISNEWLO010601new in b2bOptic.Lensorder 1.6.1
ISNEWLO010603 ISNEWLO010603new in b2bOptic.Lensorder 1.6.3
ISNEWLO010604 ISNEWLO010604new in b2bOptic.Lensorder 1.6.4
ISNEWLO010605 ISNEWLO010605new in b2bOptic.Lensorder 1.6.5
ISNEWLO010606 ISNEWLO010606new in b2bOptic.Lensorder 1.6.6
TBC TBCuncomplete section
NEEDTRANS NEEDTRANSsection need to be translated
NEEDREVIEW NEEDREVIEWsection need to reviewed
1) creator of the documet has to set the tag.
2) first reviewer puts his name after the tag.
3) second reviewer deletes tag and name of the first reviewer
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