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B2BOptic LensCatalog

This file description of the Spectacle Lens Catalog is a further development of the standard format version 4 and 6. The goal of this new file format is to illustrate the product ranges of the lens manufacturers as best as possible. The catalog format was tested for suitability in the big European markets and was also integrated in the DIN and ISO standardization processes. It will succeed as a useful, high-performance standard throughout Europe.

This is an open format which lives and develops from the help of all users (lens manufacturers and software companies). Although the current version is technically very mature, shortcomings can always be discovered. During data maintenance by the lens manufacturers or data evaluation by the software companies, some questions will certainly arise, for which the Internet forum has been established. Here, improvements can be suggested or questions asked about the data contents. The discussions from this forum will be edited and incorporated in this document.

lens suppliers

supplier country version
Rodenstock Europe and other 6.x until 6.10.3; 7.2.0 in Vorbereitung

software companies

company version
IPRO GmbH 6.x until 6.10.3
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